Our customers use our products in the following ways...


Hard-to-reach utility meters? Impractical physical wiring?

Monitoring energy consumption requires connecting a data logging device to hard-to-reach utility meters in water pits, basements or outbuildings...


Sensitive fridge/freezer temperature Monitoring?

Our wireless transmitter can be placed directly inside a fridge or freezer and raise an alarm if temperature limits are exceeded. For freezers operating at -80degrees... 

Office Environment  Monitoring

Monitoring environment inside/outside the building?

Many office workers complain of unacceptable temperature changes in the building. Our temperature and humidity sensors are used in large offices reporting ... 

Room Monitoring

Monitoring temperature and humidty status?

Server rooms often have strict requirements for maintaining temperature within a narrow range and alarm when limits are exceeded. Our temperature and ...

Room Monitoring

Monitoring temperature and humidty status?

Plant rooms normally contain various types of machinery for heating and cooling with extensive use of pipes to carry water and other liquids around the plant room. Our ... 

Cities Monitoring

Monitoring cosumption / water or temp. within a city?

The City Council of a major UK city is using our devices to monitor the energy consumption of many buildings within the town centre, including some of the ...