iScape – Propinca product specification

V14 – August 2017


iScape's loggers receive radio messages from transmitters and forward them to Cloud Software using GPRS, Ethernet or Modbus.

Logger Hardware

* Operating temperature range: 0 to 40 °C

* Single, or dual receiver(s) for improved signal reception reliability  

The transceiver feature allows for hand-shaking with remote transceiver, or control (e.g. relay) via a remote transceiver. Please contact iScape to discuss requirements 

* Frequency range 169.4 – 169.475 MHz, -133 dBm sensitivity, SMA antenna connection(s)

* Optional receiver for 434.075 MHz transmitters

* Non-volatile storage for 60,000 logged records

* Power input 5v DC 10% at 1A

* Battery backup – Lithium battery, 3.7v at 1.2Ah

* Battery backup operation: 6-hour operation at 15 minute interval server contacts. Battery requires 4 hours to fully charge

* Available in white/black, including white/black antennae and PSU

* AES 128 bit encryption available

* Dimensions: 88x68x33 mm (excluding flange)

Logger Firmware:

* Logs data from up to 500 items of data, e.g. temperature, counter, etc.

* Logs battery back-up voltage, GPRS signal strength, transmitter battery voltage, transmitter signal strength

* Logs transmitter payload depending on transmitter type: internal/external temperature sensors, 24 bit counter, 8-Channel counter, state change options

* Programmable calling-in interval (via remote server)

* Debug: survey mode – lists transmitter ID and payload, APN, URL, meter readings

Logger - GPRS option:

• GPRS 900/1800MHz
• SIM holder
• Serial TTL debug port – RXD, TXD, Ground

Logger - Ethernet option:

• 10 Mbps interface
• Fixed or dynamic IP configuration
• USB debug port

Logger - Modbus Master option:

• Modbus Master (Single Bus)
• 9600 baud
• Available in conjunction with GPRS or Ethernet options

Wireless to Modbus Bridge:

• Supports up to 64 wireless transmitters
• 3-wire RS485 interface via RJ45 socket, 9600 baud, on-board 120R termination across A,B pair
• Device's Modbus address is selectable
• Available in white/black, including white/black antenna

Logger - M-Bus Master option:

• Master, supports 35 slaves
• 2400 baud
• Available in conjunction with GPRS or Ethernet options

2/4/8/16 counter input options:

• 24 bit counter
• 40ms pulse width, 1 Hz pulse rate per input 

CT/Solar Powered Energy Monitoring GPRS Logger:

iScape's latest product solves a key problem in energy monitoring applications: lack of mains outlet to power monitoring products. iScape's CT/Solar powered GPRS logger generates its operating power by harvesting energy from a CT or a solar panel, and is thus non-intrusive. In a normal setup, one CT or solar panel is used to power the unit, and 3 CTs are used to sense line currents in a 3-phase system. Power factor is handled by sensing the line voltage using an insulated wire tie-wrapped over the wire insulation of the first phase. The accuracy of the energy calculation is better than 0.5% regardless of the power factor. Installation of iScape's logger is thus non-intrusive and avoids the need to carry out expensive work to provide a mains outlet to power the unit.